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Crowns can serve many purposes in the dental field.  They can help re-strengthen a tooth that has a large filling and there is no longer enough tooth remaining to hold the filling.  They can also protect a weak tooth from breaking, restore an already broken tooth, or even be used to attach bridges.  If you had a broken arm you would want a cast put on.  Think of a crown as a cast for your broken tooth, except the crown is never removed.


Crowns are typically made of porcelain that matches the natural color of your teeth.  The process of getting a crown done involves two visits.  At the first visit we will prepare the tooth and take any necessary impressions to send to the dental lab technician to use a mold to make your new crown.  While the crown is being made, you will go home with a temporary crown to use until you return to have the finished product cemented onto your tooth.

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